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Faculty member shall at all times, be imbued with the spirit of professional loyalty, mutual confidence, and faith in one another, and full cooperation with colleagues.

Faculty members shall be fair dignified and ethical in all their dealings with the superiors, staff members, students or outsiders.

A faculty member shall live with dignity in all places at all times and shall impose self-respect and self-discipline.

Faculty members shall be regular and punctual in attendance. In case of absence due to unforeseen circumstances, they shall inform the HOD/Principal at the earliest with a request to make alternate arrangements for the handling of their class hours.

A faculty member shall get the prior of leave by the HOD. The faculty member seeking leave or absence shall state in the leave application how his/her class hours during the leave period shall be handled.

A faculty member shall leave a message with the HOD( after taking permission from principal) when he/she is expected to be back in the college,when ever he/she go out of the college premises during working hours for any reason.

Faculty members shall be dressed in a dignified manner and shall always carry their ID cards . The male staff members are expected to avoid wearing T-Shirts, jeans and undignified cloths and the female staff shall come in a decent and respectable dress avoiding all sorts of pants, T-Shirts, mini-skirts etc.

No faculty member shall cancel his/her scheduled classes without prior approval of the HOD.

A faculty member shall establish and maintain cordial relations with students, and shall conduct himself to merit their confidence and hear student’s complaints with sympathy and understanding.

The faculty member shall always be available and communicative to the higher authorities.

Results of unit tests shall be announced within 4 working days and the valued answer papers shall be returned to the examination branch . Similarly, assignments submitted by the students shall be valued and returned to them within a week.

Faculty Members Shall Bound To

  • Attend all meetings called by the HOD or any other authority and lectures or functions to which they have been invited.
  • Undertake any extra tasks that may be assigned to them by the Principal.
  • Function as Mentors to the students assigned to them and be helpful to any other student who may seek their help; and the faculty members shall avoid making derogatory statements about colleagues, students, other teachers, officials or parents.
  • To cooperate with other faculty members whenever such cooperation is solicited.


A faculty member shall treat all students with love and affection and shall be just and impartial to all students irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, economic status, disability, language and place of birth.

The staff are invariably furnish the vacation address and contact No. in case leaving the head quarters.



The college aims to inculcate ideals and values that will help students to emerge as better human beings. Keeping the ideal in mind, the college has adopted the following norms that are binding upon all its students.


Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times- in class and on campus- in a manner that builds their personality.

  • The use of cellular / mobile phones, walkers and other wireless equipment is Prohibited in the working areas of the college (classrooms, corridors, library, lab).
  • Violation of this rule may lead to confiscation of the instrument by the authorities.
  • Library rules should be obeyed implicitly. Disciplinary action will be initiated against students who tamper with library books, mark on the books, deface the book or tear pages from the books.
  • The Computer Lab has its own rules: The students shall observe them scrupulously .Those who misuses the facilities will not be entitled to use the labs.
  • Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned.
  • Students shall observe silence in the designated silence areas.
  • Students shall conduct themselves with propriety in the hostel and outside the campus. Students who get involved in public disturbances will face suspension or possible expulsion from the Institute.
  • No students shall involve in Ragging, which is not only banned in the campus and in the hostels , but also treated as a crime Any student, found to be involved in any kind of ragging or shall be expelled from the college, and criminal action will be initiated against them. All senior students are asked to adhere to this rule.
  • Students shall park their vehicles in the area allotted for this purpose.
  • Students shall not litter classrooms and other working areas of the Institute.
  • Students shall switch off all the fans and lights when they come out of the class.. All students should keep in mind that the conservation of electricity is a service to the nation.


  • Students shall be in formal dress at all times / on the days prescribed during the term, while they are in campus. The recommended dress code:
    1. Male students shall wear shirt and full pants (Neat haircut with beard shaved) and female students should wear salvar kameez / chudithar with duppatta / full sari.
    2. On formal occasion, during special seminar and presentations and other functions arranged by the Institute, all the students are required to wear the dress prescribed.
  • The management and other distinguished guests frequently visit the Institute. Students shall respect them and students shall always bear in mind that they are projecting an image of the College.


  • Students shall be punctual for their classes, as well as for seminars, Unit tests, mid term examinations and semester examinations.


  • Students are strongly advised prepare their notes on their own from other sources including the internet.
  • Students are expected to submit all their assignments on or before the date as specified by the Faculty member


  • Students are not permitted to miss any examinations - the internals conducted during the semester and the final examinations held at the end of the semester. A student will be awarded zero marks if he/ she fails to appear for the internals.
  • During the final examination at the end of each semester, all students shall observe the code of conduct as stipulated by the Controller of Examinations, JNTUH. Students who indulge in copying from neighbors with Paper bits/Books/Notes/Calculators/Cell Phones etc., will be severely dealt with the prescribed University norms and rules as applicable for all Examinations.


  • Every student is expected to have a minimum of 75% attendance during each semester. A shortfall in this requirement will mean that the student will not be eligible to appear for the final examination.
  • Attendance at special seminars and Guest lectures is compulsory for the designated classes.


  • Students are expected to adhere strictly to the rules of the hostel.
  • Misbehavior of any kind in the mess will not be allowed.
  • Dues have to be paid in time and record should be maintained separately.
  • Students stealing the belongings of other will be punished.
  • Unauthorized guests should not be entertained in the hostel.
  • Smoking / use of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.
  • Students are expected to make proper use of all the amenities provided on campus including the library, lab and the common room facilities. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who misuse these facilities.
  • Students using the two wheelers should not have more than one pillion rider.
  • Any sort of writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned.
  • College tuition fee, exam fee, hostel mess dues and other charges should be paid well in time to avoid any embarrassment.
  • Indulging in any act of misbehavior of any kind/form towards girl students will be treated seriously
  • Discipline and decorum should be maintained in College function / College Day / Sports Day etc., Strike, Picketing, Gherao are totally banned in the campus.
  • The students should not roam unnecessarily in lobby and the college premises.
  • The students should spend their spare time in reading room.
  • The student should read the notice board daily in order to be informed of important information and directions.
  • The college property such as books, building, sports material, garden, furniture, fans, bulbs, etc. should not be harmed otherwise strict action shall be taken.
  • The students should not to enter the principal room, staff room, office and the computer lab without permission and without the ID card.


  • Students who are eligible for any kind of scholarship should submit their application online required as per the Social Welfare Department orders. The responsibility solely lies with the student.
  • Students who are eligible for fee reimbursement should submit their application in proper format with the required documents failure todo so they have to pay the college fee in full.